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Our Story

Meet Vinnie Virga, the CEO of Floors & More... the man behind the plan. With over 30 years of experience working at an executive level in the flooring industry, he's been involved in a variety of business environments including small family owned businesses, large privately held companies, publicly held corporations, national cooperatives and national franchise businesses.

As an owner of four Floors and Kitchens Today stores, an affiliate franchisee located in New England, Vinnie knows the satisfaction of being a small business owner. He also knows the challenges, inside and out. His determination to help small family businesses like his own not only succeed, but to thrive, led him to found Floors & More, after procuring Floor To Ceiling and the Big Bob's franchise.

Vinnie Virga
Multichannel Marketing

Integrated marketing communications designed to engage customers
and drive traffic to your store.

Training, Education & Events

Valuable webinars, instructional videos and propritary publications. Semi-annual conventions & regional gatherings.

Exclusive Merchandising Products & Programs

Private label branding is just the beginning - grow your bottom line.

Member-centric Communications

Keeping you informed every step of the way, because your success is our goal.

Our Brands

Big Bob's Flooring

Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet is a floor covering store like no other in the industry. We target a niche in the market that has virtually no competition, offering consumers selection, service, and value.

Floor To Ceiling

A full-service one-stop shop, Floor To Ceiling Interior Design Showrooms include kitchen cabinetry, countertops, window treatments, lighting and more. Each location is independently owned and operated.

Benefits of Membership

Private Label Branding
Member Built
Word Class Services
Member Tested
Competitive Pricing
Member Approved
Commitment to Education
Commitment to Excellence
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Expert Advisors

Photo of Vinnie Virga
Vinnie Virga

CEO & Founder

Photo of Mike Cherico
Mike Cherico

Vice President

Photo of Kevin Levitsky
Kevin Levitsky

Director of Operations & Finance

Jess Mushinsky
Jess Mushinsky

Marketing and Member Relations Manager

Jay Flynn
Jay Flynn

Digital Media Expert

Vinnie Virga Jr
Vinnie Virga Jr

Director of Membership

Etienne Koth
Etienne Koth

Merchandising, Buying, and Member Support Manager

Curtis Natalie
Curtis Natalie

Digital Marketing Expert

Photo of Sean Boos
Sean Boos

Information Technology Specialist

Frequently asked questions

Floor To Ceiling showrooms are a one-stop retail home décor shopping experience for the consumer. They are typically equipped to manage an entire project and offer a mix of entry level to mid-priced products for interior design. Products range from a wide variety of flooring, cabinetry, countertops and plumbing fixtures, to window treatments, lighting, paint and decorative accessories. A Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet is a value play and maintains a large inventory of popular flooring items. Some stores also carry more price-sensitive Kitchen & Bath and decorative items. Although they offer installation, Big Bob’s is a DIYer’s dream.

Different models, different structures:
Big Bob’s is a Franchise program where we teach you the outlet business. We have many members that have large scale retail, commercial, builder, multi family or wholesale businesses and join Big Bob’s as a way to even out the gross profit, increase their inventory turns, eliminate aged inventory profitably and spread their corporate overhead over a wider base. We also have Franchisee’s who prefer the focus on inventory buys, specials, and DIY’ers.
Floor To Ceiling is a membership program where 99% of the time we are converting an existing retail store to our format and program.

The investment to become a Member of Floors & More varies, depending on the specific programs you choose. The collection of showroom displays, the extent of Internet and social media support, participation in advertising and merchandising, will all affect your investment. But regardless of your choices, Floors & More has proven to be a consistently BETTER VALUE than any of the other major buying groups currently in the market and your upfront investment is $0. We are so confident that you will find your Membership worthwhile, that we offer our exclusive GUARANTEE that, if you have made an honest effort to participate in a reasonable number of the Floors & More programs and events and feel that we are not a fit after one year, you are free to leave the group – no strings attached!

The vast majority of prices will remain the same or even go down. While some prices could go up, it is important to remember that the underlying success of the Floors & More model is based upon increasing the overall sales volume and net profit margins of our Members through razor sharp merchandising and our array of innovative programs. Plus you earn rebates now on all of our vendor partners purchases.

The amount of rebate you receive will depend on the volume of Core products that you purchase. In order to provide you with maximum earning potential, each of the three product groups (Flooring, Kitchen & Bath and Decorative Products), has a graduated scale of rebate earnings potential. Each time a threshold is reached, you become eligible to earn a higher percentage of rebates (going back to dollar one). The more loyal you are to our Core suppliers, the more rebates you will earn. And to keep you up-to-date on your progress, your Core purchases and rebates are available for viewing anytime with your private access to our secure Intranet portal.

Floors & More strives to offer the leading brands in every category. This allows you to take advantage of national trends and advertising campaigns that may drive traffic to your Showroom. In flooring, Beaulieu, Dixie Home, Lexmark, as well as many specialty suppliers, are important Core Vendors. In the Kitchen & Bath category, the extensive range of products from MasterBrand Cabinets, plus other household names are Core. And in the Decorative area, industry leaders such as Hunter Douglas window treatments and Elk Lighting are key suppliers.

In addition, Floor To Ceiling showroom and Big Bob’s Outlet Members increase their margins by offering fully merchandized, private label products that cannot be shopped elsewhere.

There is great value to having as many stores as possible with the same overall name. This allows each individual store to reap the benefits of any national advertising and publicity and to take advantage of an even greater variety of branded merchandizing materials. Another consideration is to co-brand your store as an effective alternative, but either way there is NO requirement for you to change your current store name. In fact, it is the other way around... if you wish to use the Floor To Ceiling brand, you must meet our brand standards.

The long term goal of Floors & More is to support Members in as many different markets as possible. This broad presence makes us more important to each of our suppliers, gives us greater buying power and builds our brands. Density of showrooms is dependent on population, so in urban areas several stores might be supported, but in more rural areas, a Member may enjoy a market radius of 30+ miles. But there are no surprises – the exact exclusive coverage of a showroom is established and mutually agreed upon with the signing of a Floors & More Agreement.

Floors & More has fewer Rules, Regulations and Requirements than any other group. We respect the fact that this is YOUR business, for YOU to manage. We are here to help YOU do that! Big Bob’s is a franchise system therefore the guidelines are more restrictive by it’s very nature, but also proven to be very successful.

As a Member, you will be responsible for your own purchasing and credit. We would encourage you to maintain a good standing in your community, as you build your business to its full potential.

In short, we are looking for credit-worthy, honest business people, of high character and enthusiasm that are interested in maintaining good business practices and a willingness to work hard to realize even greater success for themselves, their families and their employees. In turn, we pledge to support you with high quality, profitable products, creative programs and trustworthy, thoughtful advice. We will provide you with cutting edge programs, advice, and some of the best marketing in the industry.

Dusty Ware, Ottumwa, IL
Owner, Floor To Ceiling
Photo of the a Floors & More Member

We have been with the Floors & More group since day one and we wouldn't have it any other way. The work ethic, product knowledge, and industry experience that our corporate office possesses is 2nd to none. These skills at the corporate level are key for creating and maintaining "ahead of the curve" programs.

What is very unique about this group is that a lot of the members' roots run very deep and that's key when it comes time to network and learn from each other. While being part of the Floors &More group will grow your individual business, we are all here to help and that's what makes this group feel more like a family.

Dave Munson, Mankato, MN
Owner, Floor To Ceiling

Floors and More has been a great organization to belong to. All the staff have a real passion for making my life as a dealer better and easier. I always learn something when I interact with the Floors and More staff or the other dealers.

Photo of the a Floors & More Member
Chris Fowler, Sycamore, IL
General Manager, Floor To Ceiling

From the beginning, the Floors & More group has proven their dedication to making our business more productive and profitable. I've found the staff responsive and knowledgeable, and have been impressed by the amount of quality work they get done in short periods of time. Floors & More truly is a 'Member-centric' organization, it's obvious our voices matter, as they have been used to guide the creation of products and services as well as a roadmap for the future of the company.

Photo of the a Floors & More Member

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