About Us

Our Story

Meet Vinnie Virga, the CEO of Floors & More... the man behind the plan. With over 30 years of experience working at an executive level in the flooring industry, he's been involved in a variety of business environments including small family owned businesses, large privately held companies, publicly held corporations, national cooperatives and national franchise businesses.

As an owner of four Floors and Kitchens Today stores, an affiliate franchisee located in New England, Vinnie knows the satisfaction of being a small business owner. He also knows the challenges, inside and out. His determination to help small family businesses like his own not only succeed, but to thrive, led him to found Floors & More, after procuring Floor To Ceiling and the Big Bob's franchise.

Floors & More has 88 showrooms nationwide, with Floor To Ceiling having 63 of those showrooms and 25 of those in Big Bob's Flooring Outlets. It is our mission to insure our industry does not become like the drug store retailers (most gobbled up by national or regional players and very few independents left).

We promise to provide our members with above average return on investment, including at least a 3% higher pre-tax profit compared to other groups, and 5% higher than a non-aligned retailers. We are striving to provide exceptional marketing, including full digital integration for everything we do – e-commerce enabled, social media savvy, and strong, high quality ads that work. We provide every Member with a custom website, which includes high quality digital tools, and if a Member is following our recommended ad schedule, everything from Facebook to their website, to their local TV advertising, will feature the same high quality look and feel for their brand to their clients. We want to insure that our Members, and more importantly their staff, are some of the best trained people in the industry. We have invested in a high quality educational portal, high quality convention training, and are providing bi-weekly webinars, using both internal and external resources. Subjects include how to provide an incredible client shopping experience, skill-based training as well as product knowledge training.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Member-Centric
  • Best idea wins – regardless of source
  • World Class Service
  • Rebates that provide profitability without making products uncompetitive
  • Focus on Member profitability
  • Smart
  • Hard Working
  • Aggressive
  • Truly Support Strategic Partners
  • Have Fun, Celebrate Success
  • Do business with people we like and respect
  • Always remain humble
  • Steward Leadership Model
  • Improving Our Communities

    We believe that being a good business means contributing to the communities we live and work in. Part of that commitment includes our partnership with the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Our corporation donates unused materials to local Re-stores in order to help those in need with essential materials. We have a $500,000 a year pledge with Habitat Re-Store, which means we will donate at least a half million dollars’ worth of materials to local Re-Stores.