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Floors & More brings to its Members a comprehensive program of products and services, including lowered product costs for a competitive advantage, aggressive advertising and marketing programs, and administrative services.

Why will our group resonate with you more than any other?

Probably because we start differently than other groups, because all our members contribute and help to build our Three Year Strategy which is a road map for our advisory council and executive team on what we need to achieve collectively. This starts with national webinars with all members invited, then moves to one of our live conventions during which all members and staff contribute ideas and discuss them for consideration in the plan. Those same people vote, each member–staff person with the same number of votes, and the best ideas in each category become our 3 Year Strategy for execution. his is an on-going process.

We have an advisory council that is involved with all aspects of the management and direction of our business. This group is staffed by volunteers from all brands that serve in three year rotating terms so that 1/3 of the group is new each and every year plus our executive management team. The council meets on average eight times per year via webinar, twice in three day offsite face to face meetings, and at our conventions. Council members often serve to test new programs and are involved in almost every major decision the group makes.

Finally, our leadership owns and operates stores like all of members do. They experience the same issues you do, use the same programs the group builds, and provide ongoing real world feedback and knowledge, plus years of experience in our industry to insure we do not suffer from ivory tower syndrome. We will always have someone in our top three leadership positions that is active in the day to day operation of the businesses we serve.

Member Built, Member Tested & Member Approved

Fully Customizable Membership

Our members blanket the country and the number of our stores is strong and growing. Outstanding support, cohesive teamwork and forward collaborative thinking are what sets the Floors & More group apart from all others. Based on our Advisory Council's feedback, we've created packages for each of our services - Silver, Gold and Platinum. These packages are either based on needs that drive monthly investment or by using Silver, everything is available ala carte. We're determined to make it easy for you to get your unique needs met in the most efficient, cost-effective ways possible.