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product & merchandising

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Products and Merchandising is a key part of our program along with digital marketing, education, support, and it’s among the many advantages a Floors & More member has. We understand that our members want a great selection of products at different values to have available to the consumer. In choosing our partners and merchandise programs, we have a multifaceted approach to ensure quality and reliability for these programs: 


  1. We choose competent and reliable core vendors that can give you dedicated support 

  2. We do research within the industry to understand where there is a need an opportunity for success

  3. We test these products in our own local stores to see if it translates to results on the sales floor

  4. We approach our advisory council and survey members to get feedback on these opportunities 

  5. Finally, our entire team works tirelessly to support and implement the program to members

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We believe that it is not just our core vendors responsibility, but our responsibility to help you have a great experience with our vendors. We have a collection of privately branded products such as Lifescape Designs and Riviera Studios that we provide exceptional marketing campaigns for. This gives our members the advantage of having an exclusive display and mitigates price competition among competitors. We also don’t force anyone to have all these products as we know markets and opinions can vary. We believe in working with members so that you have many opportunities to choose from, and so you can create the showroom you desire with our help.