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Floor To Ceiling

Consumers who shop their local Floor To Ceiling store find the best of two worlds… a locally owned showroom offering individualized personal service, and a nationally recognized store offering competitive prices and the latest in interior products!

Program options include kitchen & bath cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and counter surfaces, a full line of floor covering including carpet, laminate, wood, vinyl, area rugs, stone and ceramic, bath fixtures & whirlpool tubs, plus lighting, window treatments and wall coverings. You'll be able to choose one, two or all three of our main product categories for your store - and later add others if you so desire. Our options remain flexible - allowing you to maintain your independence and uniqueness in your marketplace. What's more, our comprehensive line of privately branded products eliminates the possibility of them being shopped elsewhere.


A One Stop Shop

By offering your customers more of what they want, at a single location, you are providing them with a unique service and shopping experience. Repeat business and increased store traffic will result from simply offering your customers the Floor To Ceiling concept. Whether you're interested in opening a brand new, single-store operation or adding the Floor To Ceiling® brand to your current store format, we have many options available to meet your needs. For example, in as little as 500 to 1,500 square feet, we can show a typical Kitchen & Bath or Flooring dealer how to easily add significant volume. Our proven, turn-key programs make it easy. We've greatly reduced the learning curve by providing the support systems needed to be successful. Floor To Ceiling members have many options enabling them to strengthen current programs and expand into additional product lines, while maintaining their independence and enjoying the benefits of the group. Our package of diversified services has been designed to make your job easier, while helping you stay ahead of your competition and improving your bottom line!