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World Class Merchandising Products & Programs

When it comes to product merchandising - we're the best! Our turn-key programs are designed with flexibility and versatility and can be implemented into virtually any retail store environment. We've done the work so you don't have to, and it's a proven formula for success! Simply said, we've made it easy for you to enhance your customer's shopping experience - while adding value to your store and success to your bottom line.

Commodity products come and go and shift like sand in the wind, but middle to better quality goods is where our members make money. Therefore, we pick the 20% of these middle to better quality goods that comprise 80% of what our vendors sell and private brand and private label those products.

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Private Label Branding & Products Priced Well

We use a unique, highly limited, proprietary merchandising system that has double the normal lifecycle of most flooring displays, allowing the products to “move” from rack to rack during its product life cycle. In example: a new introduction at first, then in a private branded collection, then on sale, then in stock, then back to private branded, then eventually in closeout rack. Everything but the swatch and the color card are reused so it is both efficient and green.

Highly recognizable products are featured in the core supplier’s display, although often with proprietary features and benefits above what everyone else receives.

Our pricing provides for meaningful rebates to our members without being uncompetitive, with the philosophy that the more you buy from our core vendors, the more you earn in rebates. This allows our members to earn above industry average profit.