Multi-channel marketing

World class marketing & advertising

We know good marketing comes from a deep understanding of the business ‘process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers' wants and needs. 


Floors & More's Marketing department is dedicated to developing and implementing strategies that align with a deep understanding of how consumers research and purchase products. 


When working with F&M to implement a marketing strategy you can expect us to work together to continuously study your audience, results, lead nurturing processes and different management techniques to create the most effective and efficient strategy for your business. 


Consumers interact with marketing differently by state, region, age, etc.  We take the time to help target the right audience to maximize your results. We do this by constantly studying your results, industry results, competition and new strategies. 

our world class approach to digital marketing allows our members to drive more traffic into their businesses (online, on the phone, in email, shop at home, and in-store).

What’s included with Membership:

  • FB posting schedule – Quarterly Calendar

  • Review monitoring

  • GMB updates (posting upon request!)

  • Marketing Tracking Tool

  • 3 hours of Graphic work a month

  • Video Customization

  • A variety of TV commercial spots

  • Website hosting and management

  • Consultation on anything marketing related

  • Review Templates

  • Budget Planning

  • Website Hosting and Management 

The Extras:

  • Social Media Advertising plans & Management

  • Paid per Click Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Custom Videos

  • Custom Commercials

  • Custom Graphic Work 

With any of our added programs we take the time to strategize with you and anyone on your team to develop a plan that will reach your goals. We help you determine the appropriate spend and advertising mix to maximize your return on investment. We are committed to helping you reach your goals, understand the metrics and advise on decisions.


We are looking for credit-worthy, honest business people, of high character and enthusiasm that are interested in maintaining good business practices and a willingness to work hard to realize even greater success for themselves, their families and their employees. In turn, we pledge to support you with high quality, profitable products, creative programs and trustworthy, thoughtful advice. We will provide you with cutting edge programs, advice, and some of the best marketing in the industry.

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