What is

Floor to Ceiling?

A country wide alliance of independent retailers, today there are over 60 stores aligned with this national group. What makes the Floor to Ceiling Group unique is that many of our members use the same name they have from before joining. Our program is not a one size fits all, but rather an ever-evolving menu of education, marketing and merchandising services where you choose what you use. Joining Floor to Ceiling means staying strong in what you do well, while gaining extra staff and resources for the areas you can do better. 

Why Join

Floor to Ceiling?

We have asked this question to our current members, and discovered each has their own reasons for being a member of our group. While every retailer can take advantage of our full program, what you take advantage of is entirely up to you! From private branded displays, to two conventions a year, to diverse multichannel marketing, to monthly educational webinars, to an extensive 154 lesson training portal, there are many resources available for your business. Joining our group also extends your team. You will have access to our Director of Marketing, Director of Member Services, Director of Merchandising and even our CEO; who also owns and manages 3 retail stores that are in the Floor to Ceiling Group.

Bob Duke Floor To Ceiling Video

Once you join Floor to Ceiling, you join a family of retailers. We will do everything we can to make this easy and successful for you. We are stronger together.

Do you Already Own

A Flooring Store?

We never make you change your name, and you do not have to paint your store teal to join. We help independent owners stay independent! Combine your brand, with our national programs and expertise, to do what you do now even better. Without any restrictions on how you run your business. With rebates earned for Flooring, Kitchen & Bath and Window Treatment purchases with our core vendors, many new members find they make money through being a member of our group. Better still, your prices can only go down by being a part of our program. 

Would you prefer to be

part of a franchise?

Check out our Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet brand. Leverage our program, utilize our turn-key proven model, and benefit from being a member of a national group. CLICK HERE to learn more.


We are looking for credit-worthy, honest business people, of high character and enthusiasm that are interested in maintaining good business practices and a willingness to work hard to realize even greater success for themselves, their families and their employees. In turn, we pledge to support you with high quality, profitable products, creative programs and trustworthy, thoughtful advice. We will provide you with cutting edge programs, advice, and some of the best marketing in the industry.

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