Our Story

Floors & More is more than just a buying group; we are a family-owned company that becomes an extension of our Member's team. We have one main goal, and that is to help your business grow, anyway and every we can. 


Our company philosophy is "Always be helping". Your team expands with membership. You will have a dedicated Marketing Manager, Merchandiser, Operations Manager, Trainer, Graphic Designer, Videographer, and Partner right at your fingertips.  


We are dedicated to working directly with you or any team member you need to help in any situation. From the small questions to serious business strategies we are here to help you every step of the way.


Our CEO and the man behind the plan, Vinnie Virga, has over 30 years of experience working at an executive level in the flooring industry, he's been involved in a variety of business environments including small family-owned businesses, large privately held companies, publicly held corporations, national cooperatives, and national franchise businesses.

As an owner of Floors and Kitchens Today stores, an Floor To Ceiling Member, located in New England, Vinnie not only understands the satisfaction of being a small business owner but he understands the passion and dedication needed to overcome any challenge. His determination to help small family businesses like his own not only succeed but to thrive led him to found Floors & More, after procuring Floor To Ceiling and the Big Bob's franchise.


Floors & More has over 70 showrooms that are locally owned and operated by hard-working dedicated individuals and families who share the same passion for success as the Floors & More team.  

We promise to provide our members with an above-average return on investment. We strive to provide exceptional marketing, including full digital integration for everything we do. Our team has a proven track record of developing and executing ads that work. From traditional to digital we can help create a custom marketing plan to suit your business or advise you on an existing strategy and data. We specialize in Social Media and Google Advertising. 


Membership includes a wide variety of advantages. We want to ensure that our Members and their staff are some of the best-trained people in the industry. We provide each member and their staff with access to a high-quality educational portal. We also host two conventions a year that is open to all Members and their staff if they choose to bring them. 


Our world-class conventions provide our Members with unique opportunities to come together as a group to hear from industry-leading speakers, discuss ideas, dedicate time to strategize and most of all have some fun! 


In the current climate we are enduring now, more than ever, that it's important to have a support system and know you have people who truly care to lean on. Our team is continuously updating membership in easy to digest ways on important information that you need to know about Covid-19 and how to adjust in these times to remain positive and profitable. Each department is dedicated to educating, consulting, and being there during any situation that may arise to make sure you are as successful as possible.  

Our core values

  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Member-Centric

  • Best idea wins – regardless of source

  • World Class Service

  • Rebates that provide profitability while staying competitive

  • Focus on Member profitability

  • Making smart moves

  • Hard Working

  • Aggressive

  • Truly Support Strategic Partners

  • Have Fun, Celebrate Success

  • Do business with people we like and respect

  • Always remain humble

  • Steward Leadership Model